President Fogel (however you spell it).

To whom this may concern, Since my arrival here at UVM almost a month and a half ago, I have been made aware of plans that our University President wishes to execute. Some of these being; the admittance of almost 3,000 more students in the coming years, the construction of new residence halls, and the meaningless disposal of several trees from the main green for cerimonial purposes in May. Is it just me or is the president of the so-called liberal school I chose to attend, a right wing nut, who wants to turn UVM into HIS idea of a great school. (Note: I choose to attend UVM, for it’s reputation of having a great environmental program, and it’s relativly small size.) I think it is the responsibility of The Cynic to reveal the truth behind Fogel’s plans, and find out what the student body can do to about them. Thank you.