Presidential Debates Lack Substance

To the Editor: The recent Student Government Association Presidential debates lacked the substance needed in order to accurately represent each of the candidates. With opening statements that were only two minutes long, and only four questions per candidate, the debates lacked a purpose. The audience, which was composed primarily of partisan Fraternity brothers and Sorority sisters, was aimed more at asking undermining questions than at addressing the more important and substantive issues. With the debate barely lasting four minutes, and limited to only a few questions, it was impossible for this debate to contain any purpose or reach any goal. I would have remised had I not mentioned the poor job that the Student Government Association did in publicizing the debates. This is an example of the poor communication between the SGA and the students. For the purpose of bringing our community together, I hope that whichever candidate wins the election, he will make it his first priority to fill the communication gaps which currently negatively impact the progress and spread of ideas within our University. Adam Dubin SGA Presidential CandidateClass of 2003