Pro-Active Abortion Rights Protection

Re: Pro-Active Abortion Rights ProtectionI am urging our Washington Representatives, Leahy, Jeffords, and Saunders to introduce legislation in both the Senate and the House of Representatives to legislate the Roe vs. Wade decision into Federal Law. I urge the out-of-state students to contact their representatives as well.By doing this, women will be guaranteed the right to a wanted and needed abortion, and those of us who favor a woman’s right to choose will not have to worry about who is on the Supreme Court.The Right to a Safe Abortion is a political question, which should be settled directly in the political arena of Congress and by our Congressional Representatives. This is the proper, up-front, institution that should confirm this right for women. It should not be left to the whim of the Supreme Court, either to establish or to take away.I feel that if the Democrats can muster a unified Democratic Party Line vote, they will be able to get enough Republicans to go along with them in both the House and Senate to pass this legislation and sustain the legislation in the face of a potential Presidential Veto.To those of you that say this can not be done, I say introduce this legislation and fight for it. It will be a positive way for the Democrats to reach out to like minded Republicans. The alternative is to retreat into the failed “Anybody but Bush” mode and see Roe vs. Wade overturned by a Supreme Court that no longer agrees that abortion rights should be federally protected.I hope that Leahy, Jeffords, and Saunders will step up and take this positive active position instead of just railing against Bush nominees. It is harder to stand up and be counted than just to complain. I hope our Vermont Representatives have the moral courage to rise to the occasion.Sincerely,Coln McNaullGraduate Student