Professors Ask for Little, Get Less

Last time we checked, students at this university are here by choice, and not by force, correct? We’re all spending tens of thousands of dollars per year to go to this school to hopefully earn a degree in a reasonable amount of time, correct? Then why is it that some students come to this school and like it’s middle school? Why do these kids (and they’re being called kids for a reason) not have the decency to treat their professors and peers with the respect they deserve? Last time we checked, being a jerk to a professor, no matter how “dumb” his/her class might seem, wasn’t cool. It isn’t even funny. When we are spending our time and effort to go to a class, we don’t want to be disrupted by jerks who think it’s cool to make smart-ass comments to their professors because they’re “too cool for school.” Grow up. Seriously. If you’re not going to listen to your angry professors say it, then hear it from us. These professionals have put countless hours and dollars into their respective fields, and they deserve the utmost respect for it. They’re not paid much, they’re not praised much, and that’s not fair. We doubt mnay professors get letters and phone calls from students saying, “Great job on the lecture again. I really appreciate all the work you put into it.” We best most of their comments are students complaining about thier grades, beginning for extra credit, and making up excuses for why they’ve missed lecture for the last three weeks. It’s painful to see all the seats fill up on test day, but become half-empty the next when they realize they “don’t really have to come to class.” It’s ridiculous to think that lectures and seminars aren’t helpful or worth the time to go to. If they weren’t, then professors and lecturers wouldn’t be needed to make one fully the material. Last time we checked, professors are still needed to help truly learn something. If they weren’t, we’re sure the University would cut out that chunk of that money. Thier degrees are worth something, and all of those years of work aren’t being put to full use when they’re not being used in the proper way. Think about it this way. Would you want to keep putting in all this effort to teach hundreds of students difficult subject matter if no one cared? If no one showed up, did their work, or participated? We wouldn’t want to put all that effort in for nothing, and neither would you hopefully when you thought about it. If you don’t want to be here, then leave. Don’t waste our time and effort when you want to be a jerk and make smart-ass comment out loud to professors.