Professors seek affordable housing

Four years after former president Daniel Mark Fogel promised UVM employees affordable housing options, the staff is still waiting. Members of the faculty met this summer in a campaign to push for cheaper living options, according to a Vermont Interfaith Action press release. Vermont Interfaith Action, a group dedicated to supporting community issues, has been in contact with UVM administrators since 2007, when President Fogel sent a letter to the group supporting their cause. In response to the group’s meeting and open invitation, Richard Cate, vice president for finance, sent the group a letter serving as the University’s public statement, according to the Burlington Free Press. “We can have a more productive conversation with the interfaith group sitting down face to face,” the letter stated. “That venue is not conducive to a dialogue.” Sister Margaret Brault, an organizer for VIA, told the Burlington Free Press that she would soon contact Cate to set up another meeting. Some students said that if UVM does not give their professors housing, they might be tempted to go to other colleges that do. “It’s bad enough that our professors are underpaid,” junior Conor Dwyer said. “If we don’t treat them right they are going to walk away from UVM.”