Prosecution wins MGQ suppression hearing

After a month-long break in the hearing, a judge ruled that police followed protocol in gathering evidence in the trial against the alleged murderer of Michelle Gardner-Quinn. The evidence, including a videotaped interview, will be allowed at the trial”The court is unable to identify a single statement in response to police questioning that was not the product of the defendant’s free will.”With two exceptions … the defendant was never told that he was under arrest, that he was not free to leave police presence or that he had to answer police questions. In fact, he was commonly told the opposite,” Judge Michael Kupersmith said in a filing made after the decision on Friday. Rooney is being charged with the murder of UVM student Michelle Gardner-Quinn who disappeared in October of 2006.Her body was found five days later by hikers in Richmond, Vt.The majority of an over four-hour-long filmed interview, which was shown in court in late January, between Rooney and police will be allowed as evidence.According to the Burlington Free Press, the following, potentially incriminating, statements will be admissible in the trial: “I don’t know what happened. I can’t remember.” “I really don’t know what happened. Honestly, I don’t remember that night.” “That’s what scares me: I don’t know. I deserve to die if I did something.” “You think I’m guilty.” “Rooney is jailed without bail at the Northwest State Correctional Facility in St. Albans Town and faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole if convicted,” according to the Burlington Free Press.David Sleigh, the attorney for the defendant, expressed concern with the publicity of the trial according to the Burlington Free Press. He requested that the trial be relocated.Kupersmith set the tentative date of the start of the trial for May 5, 2008 but will not yet make a decision on the location of it, according to the Burlington Free Press.