Quit Your Day Jobs

I did not laugh when I read the Cynic’s April Fool’s Issue. On the contrary, I was shocked and appalled when I read your tasteless jokes. Your so-called humor was not only racist and sexist, but also violent in nature. I believe that the seriousness and urgency of the topics you chose to joke about was completely overlooked. We live in a country where drug addictions, sexual assault, racism, and rape run rampant, yet you have the nerve to write about these topics jokingly. Have you ever been a victim of sexual assault? Have you ever had a family member or close friend suffer from a serious drug addiction, or die from an overdose? Have you ever been a survivor of rape or been given roofies unknowingly? These topics are not funny, and I am embarrassed to be represented by a newspaper, which makes light of this severity. I am deeply saddened by the lack of respect and intelligence that the cynic has exemplified in this April Fool’s issue. And I am not okay with my tuition money paying to waste paper by publishing hundreds of copies of trash.*Editor’s note: The Vermont Cynic currently has a circulation of 6,000 copies and does not recieve any money from the Student Government Association or UVM.