Raise Standards Along With Voice

To the Editor: Last week, the “Practical Cynic” wrote, “It absolutely amazes me that anyone would take this article seriously, and what is more, get pissed off about it.” Frankly, the anger brewing across campus is unsurprising. Your columns are at times hurtful enough to be constituted as libel by a court of law. You may believe that your column is representative of typical conversations, but it sets a dangerous precedent. Continuing to print personal attacks against other students sends a message to the campus community that hate is a value to be tolerated at the University of Vermont. What may seem to be harmless may be perceived by others as the promotion of violence. Regarding a more pressing matter, since taking office, President Fogel has worked closely with faculty, staff, administrators and students to bring positive change to the UVM. That said, students have a right to question the policies of Fogel’s University administration-and the Cynic is just the forum for such discourse. However, “Practical Cynic,” your comments regarding Fogel in last week’s column were not only vulgar, but almost wholly lacking in content. If you have qualms with the Fogel Administration, contact the president. If you believe your grievances to be a matter of immediate public concern, then use your newspaper space to voice frustrations in the most articulate manner possible. On a final note to the Cynic editors, I encourage you to use a greater level of editorial oversight. To echo the words of Fogel, if we all do our part, the Cynic can be “a powerful way to build campus community, give students a meaningful voice, and represent the character and quality of our university.”