Ranting and Raving

What has happened to SNL? This season’s SNL has not been funny. It’s made me sick. Hey Matt Damon: Shut your mouth! No one wants to hear poorly written comedy dealing with the Boston Red Sox. I saw the Boss was on that night too. What was Lorne Michaels thinking? He was probably thinking that there isn’t a respected celebrity left that would host SNL. Norm Macdonald was a funny news anchor. I know you’re trying Jimmy, but it’s painfully obvious that comedy is not your area of expertise. Then there’s Tina “the Problem” Fey. That’s right, she is “the problem”. She became the problem when she was given the title of Head Writer in 1999. The only thing funny about Seth Meyers is his lack of talent and deceptively young looking face. If the last three years are any indication of her abilities as they pertain to comedy writing, SNL is in big trouble. The old formats (1970s), were much better than what we see today. We will never see that kind of comedy again, or at least not until NBC fires Lorne Michaels. Michaels should not be immune from criticism, even if he has been the producer of SNL since the 1970s. At least Will Farrell left the show before it became complete s***. The only question left is Darrel Hammond. What is he still doing there? He is the show’s only saving grace, however little and however late. If NBC thinks they can make Americans endorse this season’s SNL, they’re probably right, because Americans have extremely unsophisticated tastes in comedy. SNL would be much funnier, to Americans at least, if all the actors wore exaggerated phalluses, constantly ran into each other, and claimed that they didn’t see the person theyran into. Everyone would laugh at that in much the same way that they laugh at Austin Powers, Jackass, and Friends. All four shows cater to an audience who doesn’t understand satire, needs to be told when to laugh, and needs thier comedy to be nothing short of obvious. The worst part of this whole mess is not the current state of SNL, but the massive deterioration it has experienced in the last 10-25 years.