Rapes on UVM campus

To Whom It May Concern, You may not be aware of this but there have very recently been four cases of rape on UVM’s campus. The rapes themselves are reason enough to be alarmed, but unfortunately, the situation only becomes more disturbing. Faculty and staff members have refused to highly publicize said incidents for the sole purpose of not wanting hurt admissions. I don’t know about other students here, but I thought that one of the main objectives of UVM faculty and staff was to ensure the rights and protection of CURRENT students. Not only that, but as a student applying for admission to UVM, I am sure that I would like to be informed of this recent influx of violent crimes. If UVM faculty, deny crucial information to students, then I think that it may be upon the students to assume the role of protectorate or at least, propagator of such traumatic happenings. Perhaps, if the student body had been enlightened with the news of the first rape, the following three would not have occurred.