Rather than Restaurants

So, you thought that once you moved off campus you’d have myriad delicious delicatessens at your disposal? Think again. If you’ve left an establishment in downtown Burlington feeling everything but satisfied, then odds are you should listen to your gut. Not only do we have a limited supply of good eateries in this town, but the only decent ones charge about as much as your cable bill for a good meal, and where they deliver in food they lack in service. Here’s a list of the top three disappointments, followed by a few more splendid alternatives.ASIANA HOUSE – Located on 191 Pearl Street, the short trip isn’t worth the long wait.Okay don’t fight me here, I know they make deliciously creative Maki, but come on, how long does it take to pop out a freakin’ California roll? By the time I get the damn thing, I will have lost my taste buds due to old age. Not to mention the rather aloof waiters who don’t refill your water glass until your throat is flaming like the Sahara desert from wasabi-burn. An utter shame from an otherwise delicious cuisine.BETTER OFF WITH – Sakura. Right on Church Street, has better service, an extended menu and one of those cute Japanese pits where you and your friends can take your shoes off, throw back some Saki bombs and yak as loud as you want! How can you go wrong? It’s even great for birthday gatherings.BUENO Y SANO – When this place took over Auggie’s Island Grill (yeah, what the hell?) at 213 College Street, you probably thought okay, at least it’s a burrito place. We all know there is no such thing as too many burritos. And you probably thought, due to the tofu on the menu, perhaps this is a healthier alternative. Well, you thought wrong. Most people, after trying one of these strange burritos, would agree that they rather head on over to New World, for a redundant, yet comforting selection. Not only are these burritos bland as hell, but they’re just about as fatty as the real thing, so don’t think you’re doing yourself any favors. Vegan friendly is a plus, but vegans like the flava too! $1.00 for guacamole? Seriously?TRY – New Moon on 150 Cherry Street. It has a great ambience to let in the sunlight, and if you’re looking for decently priced healthy alternatives, this place is it. A delicious selection of breads surrounds the fresh ingredients used for sandwiches, generously large salads, and wholesome yummy baked goods! If you’re looking for a light and delicious lunch, try the Omega salad. Spinach, tomato, onion, artichokes, walnuts and cooked salmon, glazed with a slightly sweet vinaigrette. Brava! VERMONT SANDWICH COMPANY – Does anyone go here anyway? Located on 2 N. Winooski Avenue, this place is dead, and so are its sandwiches. I’m talking slightly soggy bread, limp lettuce and a bland-as-hell menu. When my sandwich arrived in front of me, I thought my ten-year-old nephew made it. WANT BASICS? – Get your juicy sandwich fix (no, not at Red Onion, their bread overcompensates for everything else), at the sandwich counter at City Market, also located on Winooski Avenue! They offer a wide array of breads, meats, sauces and vegetarian options. These sandwiches are always fresh, delicious and leave you without regret. Dig in!