ReCycle North workstudy

My names Allison Necheles, and I’m a Freshman at UVM. For my workstudy position I work at ReCycle North, and I wrote a letter about working here. Although it is significantly over 200 words, I would appreceate it if you would look at it and give me feedback as to weather it is a possability to publish it. After you read it, please email me at [email protected] with any feedback. Thank youReCycle North, work-study opportunitiesAfter moving day is over, and students begin to settle in, many realize that there is one thing missing, that one little touch that will make the room seem more like home: A couch. This one thought is what prompts many students to take the trip down to 266 Pine Street where ReCycle North’s Household Goods Store is located. Although around campus ReCycle North is well known for its ample supply of dorm room furniture, they do so much more to help the community and the environment. Their mission statement includes three parts:(1) Protect the environment by reducing the amount of reusable and repairableitems dumped in landfills, (2) give individuals in transition valuable job skills, technical training and more opportunity, and (3) alleviate the effects of poverty by making vital household goods and building materials available to the poor. Last year, helping alongside staff to fulfill this mission, were four UVM Work Study students who together contributed a total of 550 hours to the organization. This semester, there are already six UVM students helping throughout ReCycle North’s operation. When choosing a Work Study position, many students are faced with the usual options: Front desk manager, assistant, proctor, etc. All of these jobs fulfill the basic job requirement, but when working for a non-profit like ReCycle North, so much more is possible. Sophomore Libbie Miras worked a front desk job on campus last year. This year she works at ReCycle North and has found that she is a lot more active and helpful. Vanessa Goodman, a sophomore, has returned for a second year of Work Study at ReCycle North. She has come to enjoy the opportunity to get off campus, which provides a chance to get in touch with the community outside of UVM. Also, working at ReCycle North teaches valuable social skills from working with such a wide range of people. This is an important life skill applicable to any field of study. A job at ReCycle North can also provide a more direct complement to school studies, such as is the case for Kiira Anderson. As an art major, she has the chance to apply her skills through her work in the ArtCycle department, and work in an environment where she can be creative rather than work in an office. Alex Pavlinov, a junior at UVM provides another example of how the work done for ReCycle North can relate to a future career path. As a Civil Engineering Major, Alex is able incorporate what he’s learning at school and even add to it, through his work in the Building Materials Center at ReCycle North. Alex helps make Waste-Not Products out of scrap building materials. Making picture frames, birdhouses, and other items gives him the chance to work with his hands, and utilize his existing woodworking skills. ReCycle North has been around since 1991, providing over a decade of assistance to the environment, and those in need. Becoming a part of their team can prove to be an experience that not only offers the basic fulfillment of the need for a Work Study positions, but additionally provides students an atmosphere where one can work independently, and creatively, while gaining valuable job skills.More Work Study opportunities still exist for students who would like to work as a Sales Assistant in the Household Goods Store, Sales Assistant at the Building Materials Center, or a Computer Technician. For more information, contact Ella Martin at ReCycle North at 658-4143 x.17 or [email protected] For information at UVM, contact Career Services in Living & Learning, E140 or by e-mail at [email protected]