Red Sox, Riots and Fans

Many of the articles in your latest issue deal with the recent riots on campus due to the Red Sox win over the Yankees in the ALCS. Still others deal with what it is to be a Red Sox Fan, and who these people are. I’d just like to take this time to say that many of the opinions stated in all these articles angered me as a Red Sox Fan and a student at UVM. I believe one of them started with a joke that ended in the punchline of “I’m so used to seeing an asshole under a Red Sox cap”. This is simply not true. I’ve been a Red Sox Fan for as long as I can remember, and so has my entire family. None of us are flipping over vans or throwing things on the field when a call is correct but against us (Like the Yankee Fans did in Game 7). The real enemy at those riots was not the Red Sox Fans(most of whom have just recently discovered the Sox because of their winning ways…going and spending $30 on a hat doesn’t make you a fan…sorry) but alcohol. So stop bashing real Red Sox fans.Also, another quote that made me particularly angry was in the opinion section where Julian Brizzi says “We’re not losers anymore!” in referring to the Red Sox. If Mr. Brizzi had taken any time to do some research, he would’ve found that in the past 10 years, the Red Sox have had one losing season.And finally, in response to Ferdinando Castiglia III’s article where he was forced to wear a Red Sox hat and he gained friends because of it, stating “Though many Sox fans tend to claim that it is ‘easier to be a Yankees fan’, I actually discovered the opposite was true here at UVM”. Well, Ferdinando, if the whole reason that your a fan of a team is to make friends and get dates, then you’re right. However, if like some of us, you actually enjoy the game of baseball and like to watch the two teams play, then you are wrong. I think the editing staff at the Cynic should show both sides before flooding the paper with offensive anti-Red Sox articles. Finally, I’d just like to say Go Sox!!!Sincerely,Dan Maguire