Using a spork is now not only  environmentally friendly, but can save students money.


The Davis Center Marketplace offers students a discount of five cents if they show their University of Vermont sporks when purchasing food.


“The SPORK program is sponsored by the Davis Center and Davis Eco reps,” Davis Center operations manager Cathleen Barrows said.  “We are giving the discount to support the Davis [Center’s] program and are looking to expand possibly to Brennans.”


“A number of sporks have been sold for $1 outside of the Marketplace, but it’s uncertain if that will continue,” Marketplace employee Lisa Newcomb said. 


“I think it’s a good idea,” first year Minh Lam said.  “Good for the environment and saving plastic, but who wants to carry around a dirty spork after they’re done?”


Sophomore David Lenz said he believes sporks are a great idea, but it’s not very beneficial for students who don’t use points and use metal silverware at the dining halls.