Refuse to Use ChemLawn

Spring has finally arrived in Vermont, bringing sunshine and warmth and exposing the acres of lawns and gardens all of us rely on for relaxing, playing, and enjoying the weather. What all of us may not realize is that residents across our state are choosing to maintain green lawns through the use of pesticides and other chemicals that are toxic to our environment and our health. The companies that market these products are aware of all of the risks associated with their use, but they often do not inform their consumers or the public of the potential hazards. TruGreen ChemLawn is the number one lawn care provider in the United States, servicing more than 3.5 million households. It is also one of the most irresponsible pesticide-producing companies, marketing its products to families and children while failing to readily disclose the harmful ingredients that we breathe in and walk on everyday. For example, the company does not let its customers know that 17 out of 32 (53%) of its products contain ingredients that are considered likely carcinogens by the EPA. How can the lawn care provider that most people depend on in our country be so irresponsible? In order to combat this flagrant disregard for our health and safety, the Toxics Action Center has launched a Refuse to Use ChemLawn consumer boycott campaign. We’re asking students and local residents to sign our pledge and pursue alternatives for safe, non-toxic lawn care. Check out our website at to sign the pledge and get more information about the campaign! Jamie CerrettiUVM Graduate Student