Residential Life Temporarily Cancels Student Programming on UVM Television

UVM’s Department of Residential Life pulled student-run programming on UVM TV off the air two weeks ago, alleging that the bi-monthly program “Ed’s Corner” violated dorm policy guidelines. Interim Director of Residential Life David Clokey cited the depiction of an individual rolling a tobacco spliff and smoking it in a dorm room and the hateful targeting of individuals on campus as reasons for the temporary cancellation of student programming. “Residential Life felt that what was going on with student programming not only put those students in danger, but others as well,” said Clokey. “It was our responsibility to protect and uphold the safety of the student body and this is why UVM TV is under review at the moment.” According to Clokey, original UVM TV guidelines fell under three rules: no hate speech, no infractions of Residential Life policy and no pornography. Clokey said that the department is not seeking censorship of the student programming, but only that the programming adhere to a set of guidelines. Some students believe that while Ed’s corner may have been offensive, taking it off the air was an overreaction. “While Ed’s Corner was obscene, what Residential Life should have done was asked them to tone down the programming,” said freshman Jesse Bernstein, who has seen all three episodes of the show. Director of UVM TV Nick Haggerty expressed discontent with the ambiguity of the guidelines, but confidence that student programming will soon resume. “Both Residential Life and I want to make this a viable station on campus and make it a further part of the UVM community,” said Haggerty. He hopes negotiations between Student Life, Residential Life, University Counsel and himself will establish appropriate guidelines that do not infringe upon freedom of expression. UVM TV, formerly know as Channel 12, now occupies channels 2 and 13 and currently shows movies. Students interested in future programming on the station should send an email to [email protected]