Residential Life Urges Student Input

To the Editor: I would like to respond to an article in the Jan. 21 issue, entitled “Jailhouse Rocks the Boat.” Administration, including Kim Martin-Anderson (Director of Residential Life) and Annie Stevens (Assistant Vice President for Student and Campus Life), did receive direct feedback from residents. Although, I agree they did not hold forums or discussion groups regarding increased security within the residence halls. During the Inter-Residence Association (IRA) meeting held on Monday, Dec. 2, 2002, both Kim Martin-Anderson and Annie Stevens came to the group to discuss growing concerns in regards to safety within our residence halls. At this time, Community Council representatives, one from each of the eight complexes on campus, gave feedback to the Administration. During the conversation, suggestions, such as the two-point entry access; and check-ins at the front desk for visitors, were made. These suggestions were made by residents living on campus. Although, Administration enacted the policies they choose most beneficial. I feel confident in saying that if there were a large opposition in this matter, Administration would have taken the matter under advisement from the group. At this time, I would like to urge all students living within the residence halls to voice their opinions. Attend Community Council meetings where issues like these are discussed. If you’re unsure when and where these meetings take place, ask a Resident Assistant (RA). Also, every Monday at 8:30 (with a rotating schedule for locations) are IRA meetings. Again, ask your RA for the location. These meetings are open to residents living in the halls. We urge everyone that wants to be heard, to speak!Keith UptonIRA PresidentClass of 2005