response to the alligations of hazing and misconduct of Delta Psi

This is in response to the article written in the cynic last week by one who calls himself “Mr. Jay”. “Mr. Jay”, I find it difficult to comprehend why you deem it necessary to spread blasphemous rumors about a specific fraternity in the same paragraph in which you defend Greek life as not simply being about “boozing and getting laid”. Due to your ignorance on the stipulations surrounding the fraternity known as Delta Psi, I on behalf of the rest of the Greek community feel it is necessary to help to enlighten you to the truth. To begin I commend you on your accurate understanding of the year in which Delta Psi was founded, that however, is as all the credit that can be given. As mentioned Delta Psi was founded by a respectable group of men in 1850, whom like the rest of the Greek system wanted to form strong bonds as well as to help the local community and to enhance the social life of the University. Your fabrication of the events which lead up to the closure of Delta Psi only further enhance incorrect the nature of your article and your word of mouth reporting tactics. There have not been and will not be any charges filed by the state of Vermont or the University regarding any incidents of hazing or misconduct concerning the brothers of Delta Psi. Writing an article bashing a particular house only enhances the public misconception of Greek life and those members that you so intelligently refer to as “frat rats” and “sorostitues”. The only thing that taints this UVM Greek Community are those people like yourself whom hypocritically defend the Greek Community and its stereotypes while proceeding to attack one of its “scum” members instead of being apart of the support in which surrounds a community. You are also correct in saying, “No human institution last long unless it satisfies a human need”. My response to this would be if you had an understanding of the Greek system here at UVM you would be aware of the immense amount of community services the Greek Community as a whole takes part in. These “morons” and “idiots” are some of the Burlington community’s most active participants. These Greek members are active participants in events such as blood drives, rape crisis awareness, soup kitchens, and family centers. I would like to further extend an invitation to you along with any other members of the UVM community to bear witness to our devotion to community service on February 21st at the local Mardi Gras parade in which we as a Greek Community will be volunteering. Alissa Yerardi Panhel President class of ’06