RIAA vs. The People

For the past several months, the RIAA has been filing lawsuits against many people for using the controversial music downloading program “Kazaa”. However, some, if not most, of their suits are on people who have actually paid to use the service, so the question is, are they right or wrong in their pursuit to prosecute people who share music files when they have paid for the right to do so? While I do think that what the RIAA is doing is the right idea, their methodology is really poor. Striking at the people who actually pay for the download service will just make not paying for the service seem more preferable, and then a whole new problem will arise. The RIAA is already trying to fight a lost cause because there are countless file sharing programs out there sharing music and truth be told, you can’t catch them all, and this case, not even close to them all. Plus the people fighting the actions of the RIAA are not just the people using those programs, but the bands the RIAA is trying represent. David Draiman of Disturbed said in a news conference a couple of months ago that he didn’t ask the RIAA to represent him or his music. So RIAA, you have good thing going for you, but you are fighting a loosing battle, even when you lost the war years ago.Peter MontanyeClass Of 2007