Robert Randolph Coming To the Memorial

When I was 17 my brother got me special permission to go into the Higher Ground to check out Robert Randolph. I had heard he was some kind of a phenomenon, revolutionizing the way the steel pedal guitar is played. I believe the Higher Ground was slightly less than quarter of the way filled, but unaware of the audience size Robert and his family band rocked from ten until two like they had just sold out the Garden on new years. That was only three years ago, and since then Robert has been placed on the top 100 greatest guitar players of all time list, all set to play at this year’s Grammys, and now ready to blow the roof off of the Memorial auditorium on Wednesday, February 11. Come check out Robert’s unique blend of gospel, funk, and rock and roll. Anyone who can play Voodoo Child on a steel pedal guitar is worth seeing in my book.