Rock and soul are their cup of tea

Tea Leaf Green has “got a little bit of soul/got a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll” that tends to awe fans. Their last album, “Taught to Be Proud,” catalyzed their recent explosion into the jam scene. “I think that our music has a lot of energy to it,” vocalist and bassist Ben Chambers said. With the Song of the Year Award from this year’s Jammys under their belt and the upcoming release of their new album and DVD, “Tea Leaf Green: Rock ‘n’ Roll Band,” TLG is going to hit Higher Ground Oct. 16 with insightful music and lots of energy. TLG manages to maintain their sincere love of playing music and displays it to the crowd through their lyrical depth, though keyboard player and vocalist Trevor Garrod recently told, “We are not the most sophisticated players. …we like more of a simplistic rock and roll approach.” Regardless of their method, the ends justify the means, for according to Chambers, “being an artist, I get a lot of wealth through playing music,” he said. TLG’s music is a blend of folk, jam, rock, and soul which, according to Chambers, will give the audience “pretty rockin,” pretty high energy music. [It’s] also groovy in a sense you can dance to it,” Chamber said. TLG’s aim to be energetic and to get the crowd to participate always elicits an enthusiastic response from the fans and keeps them coming back. Getting the momentum going and the people into a frenzy, with a set list that’s going somewhere is just one of the ways to get the crowd involved, said Chambers, who tries to “get a scene and make it pop.”