Sanders bill passes in state

? With the charge led by Sen. Bernie Sanders, Vermonters have launched a crusade against big business. ? Voters took on the national issue at Town Meeting Day on March 6, with 64 towns passing a resolution that would overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling that corporations are protected by the First Amendment, according to The Nation.  ? Last week, the Vermont Cynic reported that a discussion panel including Vermont state Sen. Ginny Lyons, presidential candidate David Cobb and Ben and Jerry’s co-founder Jerry Greenfield sought to address the issue March 15. ? The 2010 case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission was an attempt by Citizens United to use its own funds to air a critical documentary against Hilary Clinton in 2008. ? In response, Sanders proposed the Saving American Democracy Amendment last December that would overturn this decision by giving Congress the power to enact campaign spending limits. The legislation can be found at ? But with nearly 30 Super PACS between businesses and politicians totaling almost $300 million each, the debate about whether or not corporations can be considered to be people is a polarizing issue. ? For his part, Sanders told The Nation that he hopes the response from Town Meeting Day will spark a grassroots movement to overturn the federal ruling. ? “The resounding results will send a strong message that corporations and billionaires should not be allowed to buy candidates and elections,” he said. ?