School Policies Throw Curveballs

To the Editor: As the time to sign up for classes quickly approaches, I am reminded of how exciting this process can be. However, when I glance over my coursebook and realize just how many requirements there are, my interest wanes a little bit. I have no quarrel with the University for wanting its students to attain breadth and versatility-no, my argument comes from the loopholes that litter the little green book. I love art, but I cannot take an art class unless I am an art major. I would like to improve my guitar abilities, but lessons cost extra money and only give me one credit at a time. Then there is the element of relevance. I am referring to gym classes. Don’t get me wrong, I love to exercise-but that’s just it: those of us who like to cycle, ski, run, climb, etc. are going to keep doing it. Those of us who don’t, simply aren’t (aside from the mandatory gym classes). Moreover, for a University facing financial ills, it would be more practical to cut money from a P.E. department and put that money back into programs that have fallen victim to lack of funds, i.e. the Track Team. Who knows, maybe redistribution of funding would even free up a spot for an art class. Oh-wait…Kevin Lenfest IIClass of 200