Search for new Fogel

When President Daniel Mark Fogel steps down in 2012, the highest position at UVM will be empty. The Board of Trustees has begun to assemble a search committee for the 26th president of the University of Vermont, according to the Board of Trustees website. The Presidential Search Committee will be comprised of faculty, staff and student representatives in order to begin the process of selecting presidential candidates, according to the website. Once formed, the Search Committee will meet on April 26 to begin the recruitment process as outlined in the University Manual, Chief of Staff Gary Derr said. “The agenda for the meeting is still being created,” Derr said. “But its purpose will be to cover the expectations of the members and devise the process for selection.” The committee will meet over the summer and into next year to provide the University with final prospective candidates by January, he said. While the majority of the committee will be formed by current trustees and staff members, there needs to be at least one undergraduate student and one graduate student on the panel, according to the University Manual. In an effort to find student candidates, Chair of the Search Committee Robert Cioffi asked former Student Government Association President Kofi Mensah to nominate students, according to the website. “As an outgoing president, it is my responsibility to work with new SGA President Julian Golfarini to select the best students that represent the student body,” Mensah said. The new UVM president should be able to usher in a new era of diversity, both academically and culturally, he said. “I believe that UVM should continue pursuing initiatives that make it stand out,” Mensah said. “A new president needs to understand that and be strong in their decisions.” The committee is inviting members of the UVM community to share their feedback on what the search process should cover and what qualities they would like to see in the next president, according to an email sent to students. To help shape the committee’s standard of selection, students will find the invitation to comment on the Presidential Search Committee website at