Senate to censure SGA president

Student Government Association Senator Michael White motioned to censure SGA President Kofi Mensah on Feb. 1. A censure can be motioned if any member of the SGA fails to abide by the policies and procedures explicit in the SGA constitution, according to the SGA constitution. “A censure is just a little more than a formal slap on the wrist,” Speaker of the Senate Claire Chevrier said. “Censures can, however, become very serious. If someone is censured three times they are automatically impeached.” President Mensah was two days late in sending out his oral Board of Trustees report for review. The oral report was sent out on Monday at 1 a.m. instead of on Friday, Mensah said. “The president is responsible for submitting written and oral Board of Trustees reports one week in advance,” White said. The purpose of sending out the report one week in advance is so that it can be reviewed by the SGA senators, Mensah said. The Saturday before Mensah sent his oral report, the SGA was attending a retreat. Most people wouldn’t have had the time to read it anyway so he didn’t sense the urgency, he said. “It’s a problem if it’s not out on time,” White said. “It’s one of the biggest things the president does all year.” Chevrier said she serves on the Constitutional Committee, which is responsible for handling censuring proceedings. “Somebody on the SGA is only to be censured for a violation of the constitution, which makes it very difficult for a censure to ever be used to vent personal grievances,” she said. SGA will vote on whether Mensah had violated the constitution next week, according to the censure procedure in the SGA constitution. The SGA will be discussing late-night dining options, the 69th year-end celebration of SGA and academic affairs this term, Mensah said. “There are better things to do in a nine week period of time,” he said. “I think this is an ill use of time.”