Seniors anticipate year-end activities

As the school year comes to an end, graduation is not the only thing on seniors’ minds. Administrators had to shut down the UVM servers due to high traffic on the registration website for Senior Week, Class Council adviser Sarah Surgala said “There are approximately 1,100 students who participate in Senior Week,” Surgala said. “We had over 600 students register within the first 10 minutes of registration being live.” Senior Week 2011 includes events such as the Commencement Ball, Sunset Cruises and many other activities throughout the week, the UVM Connection website stated. UVM servers were shut down to find out what cruises were sold out and then registration was reopened the next morning, Surgala said. Senior Justine Mulliez said that she thought it was going to be a hassle to sign in, but she had no trouble registering for events, although other seniors had trouble. “There was a lot of confusion with regard to how you signed up again if you missed it the first time,” Mulliez said. Even though there were some problems with registration, she said she is still very excited for all of the events. Although this week of events is a rite of passage, it also costs the University $55,000, Surgala said. “The money comes from Development and Alumni Relations and the Class Council SGA budget,” she said. The money goes to paying for music, security, transportation, giveaways, the senior yearbook and other expenses, Surgala said. “The Senior Class Council works effortlessly to make sure Senior Week is affordable for students,” she said. While the whole event costs the University $55,000, seniors only have to pay $60, Surgala said. “The events for Senior Week are chosen based on the traditions and thoughts from the Senior Class Council,” Surgala said. “Senior Week is a University tradition that has been occurring for 35 years.”