Seniors give the gift of power

Students who have had their computer die in the middle of a paper because there wasn’t an available outlet in the library will soon have something to look forward to. The 2011 senior class’ gift to the school is donating electrical outlets to the Bailey/Howe Library, Class Council program coordinator Sarah Surgala said. “The purpose of the senior class gift campaign is to get students ‘plugged in’ to the benefits of private fundraising, philanthropy and supporting their alma mater,” Surgala said. Students from the class of 2011 will be asked to donate money for this gift, Annual Giving Programs Director Jeff Moreau said. “We believe the total cost of the project at the library is $10,000 to $15,000,” Moreau said. “The class of 2011 has set a goal of raising $5,000 toward this important effort.” During the fall semester, the senior class council received suggestions from the student body for possible gift ideas, Surgala said. “This year, the senior class council worked with the Development and Alumni Relations office and library officials to make this student-initiated idea become a success,” she said. Senior Megan Liamos said that the library’s limited access to electrical outlets can be a challenge when trying to study. “We are so excited about this project,” Liamos said. “We all recognize how frustrating it is to be studying in the library and have your computer die.” In past years, classes have donated a sculpture, a fish tank and a park garden, according to the UVM website. Those interested in supporting the campaign should be directed to