SGA Appoints Five New Senators

Beaming faces and loud ap-plause accompanied the induc-tion of five new senators into the UVM SGA on Jan. 30. So who are your new sena-tors? First to be named is first year John Colin Quinn. “Hap-py, active, and green,” Quinn said when asked to describe himself in three words. When posed with the ques-tion of what he would like to work on most while a senator, Quinn said his primary goal was to create a more green campus. His idea of the most im-portant skill a senator should have? “To be warm and friend-ly,” Quinn said. “It is so impor-tant to be approachable.” Next is sophomore Mike Polansky. Polansky stressed his ability to network with people, stating that he would like to further student-senator relations as UVM’s population increases. Public relations is his intended field, Polansky said. Last of the on-campus in-ductees is first-year Will Sed-lack. With a clear-cut voice, Sed-lack announced his ambition to improve the relationship between UVM and the city of Burlington. Becoming a senator is just another step in becoming more involved, Sedlack said. He is also a member of the UVM 2010 Class Council and is a writer for the Vermont Cynic. Both off-campus inductees are familiar with SGA, having experience as being previous senators. Junior Kesha Ram was per-sistent in her idea that UVM is still far off from reaching ul-timate diversity acceptance. “I want to help international students feel more welcome,” Ram said. In three words she was am-bitious, diverse, and happy. Ram’s most important charac-teristic? “Cultivating the voic-es that are never heard,” said Ram. Senior Sean Hagan was the last member of the quintet to be inducted. Sean’s focus is to “keep open ears” and attach issues affecting students. One example he gave of better con-necting students to their sena-tors is through better visibility and advertisement. On top of the induction of five new senators, SGA also voted on a new change to their constitution. Given the ris-ing number of students, said Academic Affairs Chair Re-nee Lariviere, representation should be increased. The change was agreed upon, changing the total num-ber of senators from 40 to 42. This change will not take place until next semester.