SGA Changes Faces, Hands

The UVM Student Government Association swore in it’s 62cnd Senate on Tues. April 15th 2003, along with its new President and Vice President, Joseph Thibault and Dave Laman. “The annual transition of the Student Government Association is highlighted by the productive percentage of nearly half of the senators from last year returning for the 2003 – 2004 academic year.” Said Pat Brown Advisor to SGA Senate, and Director of Student Life. “I have found that having a number of experienced senators continuing from one year to the next provides some critical historical grounding.”The newly appointed chairs of the six Senate committees include returning Senators. These Chairpersons are Stephanie Knisley, Academic Affairs Committee; Megan Kiernan, Public Affairs Committee; Elizabeth Shorey, Committee on Legislative Action; Lena Darnell and Bryce James, Student Action; Roy Simpadian, Finance Committee; and Emily Berliet, Student Activities Committee. Jonathan Stitelman, Chair of the Finance Committee 2002-2003, was also appointed SGA Treasurer for the upcoming year on Tuesday night.”Our chairs have over 10 years of combined experience on senate this year, and I’m sure they will help make it very productive.” Said SGA President Joseph Thibault. “The new senators bring to the body new issues and ideas, as well as a new spirit and chemistry.” Said Brown, “Together, the new and the old senators, along with the 5 first year senators who will be added in the fall, should provide UVM students a strong representative voice on campus and in the local community.” This past year’s SGA was an amazing experience. The debates were intense, and many issues were discussed and resolutions passed.” Said Tanya Tersillo member of the Student Activities Committee, “I look forward to the upcoming year in SGA. We all show great potential and as the SGA gains respect we will continue to be able to accomplish many things. We have great leadership and an awesome group of motivated students representing the student body.” “As for the new Senate, I am excited to see what we will accomplish in the upcoming academic year.” Said Allison Perry, member of the Committee on Legislative Action, “I’m sure Senate will continue to do great things.” “Dave [Laman] and I are very excited about this year and we believe that senate is well equipped to tackle its agenda. A couple of things that we will be working on this year on Senate are working with the police to create a better relationship between the police and the students, student access to the course evaluations, creating an ‘alcohol amnesty’ program that could potentially increase overall student safety, and bringing a voting station to campus for city elections. Also, we plan on reaching out to student groups so that we hear any concerns or problems that students have.”