SGA Leaders Speak of Plans for Year

1) Now that you have secured your positions, what will be your maingoals for the SGA for the upcoming year? Furthering the goals of UVM as an environmental university has been a concern of ours since the beginning. With the support of the Executive Committee, SGA has been working to ensure that the vision of UVM can become a reality. The upcoming building developments, coupled with a changing provost and strengthening relations with administration provides us with an exciting opportunity to take student voices to the people and organizations directly influencing the face of our school. More specifically, I would like to see issues regarding cross-college credits fulfilling requirements, service and residential learning opportunities, and fee structures under continued discussion. 2) What changes, if any, would you like to make to the workings of the SGA?I think that in the past few years, the efficiency of SGA has increased dramatically. One thing that I feel needs to be stressed, however, is that students have the opportunity to do something about the issues that concern them. Because of our formal organization we are in a unique position to interact on a daily basis with administration. Students should feel empowered to use the SGA as an outlet for solving problems, and to this end, I would love to see more students directing their concerns towards us. To aid this effort, Ajay and the Public Relations Committee have put forth a program called “Ticks Me Off,” an online service where students can let us know what it is that concerns them. At the end of the day, SGA is here to oversee those clubs that enrich UVM’s campus community, and try to work for the betterment of the student experience.3) What events can students look forward to in the upcoming year?We plan on working collaboratively with many of our clubs to ensure that things are always going on on-campus. We also plan on working with athletics to continue co-sponsoring games throughout the year, as well as working with SA Concerts to ensure a successful Springfest next spring. Remember to go to Springfest this year!4) How can students interact with the SGA, and for what type ofservices could they turn to your organization for?As an organization, the SGA oversees the operations of more than 140 student clubs, including some 30 club sports teams. Furthermore, students with concerns regarding dealings with residential life, police services, dining services and other campus related bodies have come to us with questions, ideas, or simply informing us of personal situations. As far as getting in contact with us, you can stop by the basement of Billings if you want to discuss something face to face, or simply shoot us an email (contact information for senators can be found at our website: