SGA looks to the future

    Senator Connor Daley has gained the support of the Student Government Association (SGA) to create what he calls the 2020 Initiative.   The purpose of the 2020 Initiative is to get student input on administrative education projects and is seeking to create a student academic vision that parallels the Strategic Initiative Project (SIP), Daley said.   The SIP, headed by Provost Jane Knodell, will address the need for a sustainable, long-term financial model at the university, according to University Communications.   “It provides a framework for students to go forward,” Daley said.   The 2020 Initiative will provide a framework for students to voice what they consider to be the academic needs of the University by the year 2020, Daley said.   “It’s hard for the administration to gauge student opinion, so having (the 2020 Initiative) would help better the relationship [between students and the administration],” he said.   Daley said he has been addressing students groups and clubs on campus to get the word out about the project.   This whole initiative is being made so that the administration knows what the students want, he said.   The three questions Daley has been asking students are why they chose UVM, what they think the emerging academic strengths of UVM are, and what the students want their degree to mean once they graduate.   Daley has gained the support of SGA’s Academic Affairs Committee, of which he is a member.   “I think that Connor’s 2020 initiative asks a really good question,” Chair Gavin Caster said.  “What’s a potential student vision for UVM’s academics in 2020, and what are the strengths we have that could get us there?”   “I think the conversations we’ve had as a Committee have been very helpful in trying to answer that question,” Caster said.   Daley said that he is happy with the suggestions that students have made so far.   Daley plans to present the document to the faculty senate by Dec. 6 if is approved by the SGA Nov. 6.