SGA names new vice president

Emma Kennedy, SGA Chair of the Committee on Diversity Equity and Environmental Ethics (CODEEE), was appointed SGA vice president on Tuesday.In the SGA meeting Tuesday night, President Jay Taylor gave a brief presentation, declaring his nominee for vice president.Taylor said according to the constitution anyone could be vice president; however, he said the SGA is in need of someone who could start immediately.Taylor felt the best way for the SGA to improve is by electing somebody already a part of the Senate, who knows the current problems and has ideas on how to fix them.”There is a serious learning curve that needs to happen,” said TaylorTaylor selected Kennedy because she has a lot of experience, both with people and various organizations, Taylor said.”I believe this is the best person, not only for us (in the SGA), but all those students on campus,” said Taylor.Kennedy, currently a fifth-year UVM student, said she was surprised at her nomination, but feels she can handle the job.”I’m really good at what I do, and it fits really well on campus,” said Kennedy.When asked her intentions as becoming vice president, Kennedy said, “I’m not looking for a title; it’s more about fulfilling the roll I see is needed.”