SGA Passes Resolution Opposing Proposed Burlington Noise Ordinance

SGA passed the following resolution proposed by Senator Timothy Allen on Tues. Feb. 11.

Whereas the Student Government Association of the University of Vermont and the City of Burlington have a sustained commitment to improve the quality of life

for all Burlington residents and;

Whereas the Bulington City Council Ordinance Committee has recommended changes to the current noise ordinance to the full city council and;

Whereas the proposed ordinance would increase fines for the first noise violation by up to 400% and impose a fine of 500% the current fine for the

second and third offenses occuring within a twenty-four month period, imposing too a significant a burden for many residents to pay and;

Whereas the propsed guidelines state that a party consists of one or more non-residents and does not clearly identify unreasonably loud noise and;

Whereas the ordinance mainly gears community service toward students and does not include guidelines for non-college student members of the Burlington community therefore;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Student Government Association, on behalf of its membership, does not support the proposed changes to the current noise ordinance in part due to disagreement with what constitutes a party, as well as with community service and monetary fine components that biasly target college students,

Be IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Student Government Association of the University of Vermont urges the Burlington City Council to consider a new definition of what constitutes a party, clearly create a community service program that can be fairly implemented for all constituents, re-evaluate the significant increase in fines, and decrease the timeline from twenty-four back to twelve months.