SGA Passes Resolution Supporting Implementation of H. 137

WHEREAS the Student Government Association of the University of Vermont is deeply concerned with the health and wellbeing of the Students it is elected to represent as well as the other citizens of Vermont, WHEREAS students and citizens work in industries directly related to Title 18, Chapter 37 of the Vermont Statutes, WHEREAS students are in direct harms way in their respective places of employment and must be protected from the harms of second-hand smoke, WHEREAS being a employed as wait staff is the most hazardous occupation for women, compared to the female workers, wait staff employees are four times more likely to die from lung cancer, WHEREAS the effects of second-hand smoke are now well-documented resulting in deaths and decreased health quality for non- smokers,WHEREAS it is the responsibility of the State of Vermont to protect its residents from dangers especially those that may result in death, WHEREAS the implementation of such laws have come into effect in other states and cities across the country resulting in no economic decline and in many incidences creating a boost of economic activity and profit, WHEREAS a study published in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, reported that hotels and restaurants in New York City experienced measures on taxable sales revenue after the 1995 Smoke Free Air Act took effect. Furthermore, the sales at eating and drinking establishments in New York City went up as a percentage of both total sales in the city and total restaurant sales from New York State after the law was implemented, WHEREAS Thirty-two members of the House of Representatives including Donald Bostic, Johannah Leddy Donovan, Tony Klein, Ann Pugh, and our own Representatives, Bob Kiss and Dave Zuckerman, have sponsored and support H. 173, BE IT RESOLVED that the Student Government Organization of the University of Vermont wholeheartedly applauds the efforts of elected Representatives who are concerned with the health of their constituents, the SGA understands H. 173 and supports its implementation as amended law under Title 18, Chapter 37 in the Vermont Statutes.