SGA pres. to visit White House

  SGA President Julian Golfarini will be attending the National Campus Leadership Council (NCLC) in Washington, D.C. on April 24.   The program, which is in its first year, brings together SGA presidents from many different schools around the nation, Golfarini said. The NCLC aims to gain input from young people around the country on issues that they feel are important to them, according to the NCLA website.   Golfarini said he encourages students to submit suggestions about what he should discuss as a representative of the student body.   Here are a few of the responses that the Cynic received:   “I would be interested to hear more about what the country is doing towards education, higher education. I feel like right now you can’t really find a job without a degree, but affording a college education is a lot so I just wonder how our government is helping to facilitate that,” sophomore Carmen Shaw said.   “I’d be interested in what programs they have to offer to help students in college,” sophomore Brendan Lions said.   “It would be interesting to get a public opinion on the water bottle spiel to see what they think about it,” sophomore Carly Edelstein said.   “I think he should mention that although UVM has a reputation for being very non-diverse that culturally it is very diverse. Kind of to erase that stigma. He should also mention that this is the only school where people can use their points to buy Ben and Jerry’s,” junior Holly Smith said.   “The one thing I think we really need to focus on as a country right now is our economic status.  In my opinion, that’s the most pressing issue our country faces,” sophomore Devlin Cooper said.