SGA president slapped on wrist a second time

Student Government Association President Kofi Mensah was censured again at the last SGA meeting for failing to sign 14 pieces of legislature before leaving for spring break. “It was an honest slip up two weeks in a row,” Mensah said. This is the second censure that Mensah has received and when a president gets three, he is automatically impeached, according to the SGA constitution. Mensah said he thinks that continuing to censure his actions is a waste of time and that a conversation would be a more appropriate way for concerned senators to express that they are not happy with his behavior. “What is the impact of this on my presidency?” he said. “Nothing.” SGA Senator Nick Monteforte said that the censure was necessary but unfortunate. “On a personal level I feel like its a waste of time and distracts our energies away from doing great things and also gives SGA a bad public image if this is all the UVM community sees,” he said. “But I do see the validity in it and how, by constitutional mandate, that is what we have to do, but still it’s not really something I think is that significant.” Speaker of the Senate Claire Chevrier said that she thinks Mensah needs to be told when he is not following the constitution. “I think it is important that people are held accountable for what they do,” Chevrier said. “Kofi receives $200 a week and as Senator Lovell pointed out, if someone only did 90 percent of their job downtown they would likely be fired.” Even though some students said that they were unaware that the president was being censured, they think that it is unacceptable for him to not sign important legislation. “Since he was elected, he should be doing his job,” sophomore Lizzy Behmer said.