SGA Senator spared

  The controversial blog started by an SGA senator will not bring about any changes in SGA leadership.   A motion to impeach Senator Aliza Lederer-Plasket on the grounds that she betrayed the mission of the SGA was found to be untrue, according to a document released by the SGA.   The blog, called “Secret Life of a Sorority Dropout,” was written to express feelings, emotions, thoughts, sarcasm, satire and experiences that Lederer-Plasket had as part of Greek Life and to support others who have left or have not been accepted to a chapter, she said.   “When you are slandering 8 percent of the student body you represent and also 80 percentof the leadership positions on campus, I think it’s time to question how she will make decisions that will affect us all,” senior Danielle Peck who ???led the motion said.   There are no rules in the SGA Constitution about holding members accountable for their actions, Peck said.   “I do plan on talking with SGA about the addition to their constitution or bylaws about holding their members accountable for looking out for the best interests of the students,” she said.   At the SGA meeting during which the motion was presented, Senator Gavin Caster said that Aliza’s blog undermined the positive work that SGA does.   “I think that you have your right to free speech but you are writing hurtful things,” he said. “You are effectively compromising the work of the SGA.”     Though some members of Greek life may have felt like they were singled out, the blog was not directed at any one person or group, Lederer-Plasket said.   “I go out of my way not to target an individual, be that an organization, an individual person [or] an individual chapter at an individual school,” she said.   Lederer-Plasket said she started the blog after she left Greek life, she said.   “I hope to show girls that didn’t ???nd their ways into a chapter that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine,” she said. “[And] that the world is really not as exclusive or single-minded as Greek life can be.”   The motion was presented on Nov. 8, but Lederer-Plasket said she knew it was coming.   “I had known they were going to present this legislation and I knew from the beginning they had no grounds to impeach me,” she said. “And if they did it would have been a violation of the Constitution.”   The blog may have received negative reactions from members of SGA and students but Lederer-Plasket said everyone deserves to express their opinions.   Despite negative reactions, she said she has also received emails of thanks.   “For all the critiques and criticisms that I’ve gotten via email, I’ve just been inundated with email after email saying thank you,” Lederer-Plasket said. “My hits and comments that I’ve gotten on the blog really speak for themselves.”   Some students said they could understand both sides of the issue concerning Lederer-Plasket’s blog.   “I think people should be able to state opinions but I have mixed feelings about this,” first-year Stephanie Wright said.  “I can see both sides.  If she [Lederer-Plasket] was going against the SGA then I understand why there was a motion filed for impeachment, but at the same time the blog is something she did in her personal life.”