SGA Senatorial positions

Senator Stephanie Miranda Harold, a UVM junior, walked into the Student Government Association meeting to a wave of applause. Just moments before, the current members of SGA had unanimously elected her to a position on the Student Action Committee. This position had been available for about two weeks, SGA Vice President Ajay Schmidt said. How does something like this happen? A sudden change in roster at the seventh SGA meeting of the school year isn’t that uncommon. The position had been open for two weeks and was posted on the website, Schmidt said, Schmidt said. “You have to be really into finding a position,” sophomore and former Senator Ben Crockett said. “It’s two sided. They could do more to get the information out, but of course they can’t make tons of flyers for one spot.””I found out about the spot from a friend,” Harold said. When asked if they knew anything about an open position, UVM students said they had no idea about it. One possibility would be a notice in the e-mails SGA President Seth Bowden sends out to the campus community, Crockett said. When asked though, most students said they don’t read the e-mails. This is just one example of the double-entendre Crockett mentioned. The election of the 35 senators takes place on the first Tuesday of April according to the SGA Constitution. 15 of those open seats are given to on-campus students, 20 seats to off-campus students. The remaining five seats are given to incoming freshmen within the first two weeks of school. If a senator wishes to step down, he or she needs only to “present a written or oral statement of intent to any member of the Executive Committee,” states the SGA Constitution.The resulting open position can be given up to either an on-campus or off campus student, Crockett said, therefore making the balance of on-campus and off campus students unequal. “I don’t really mind if there’s more off campus students on the SGA as long as their decisions don’t affect housing,” said freshman Erin Ryan. “We might be losing someone this week,” Schmidt said, when asked about other available positions.