SGA to propose online course evaluations

Currently, the Student Government Association (SGA) is in the process of proposing a resolution that would allow students to fill out course evaluations online. Although the concept was not initially introduced by the SGA, the Academic Affairs Committee introduced a resolution to support current steps taken by multiple administrative bodies to develop a system for online course and instructor evaluations.”The purpose of this resolution is to voice to the administration student support for a program that is already in the works, to ensure student participation in generating evaluation criteria,” Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee Steele Taylor said, “and to hopefully expedite the process of getting it up and running.” Currently, these evaluation forms are not uniform throughout colleges, departments and courses, and are generally completed at the end of a class period or exam. “We feel that students are unable to give thoughtful and comprehensive feedback when they are rushing through a paper evaluation at the end of a class period or at the end of an exam,” Taylor said. According to Taylor, the resolution will request that the results of course and instructor evaluations be available to students through their portal account when they are signing up for classes.Taylor also said other information may be included through student portal accounts, such as the percentage of students who withdraw or fail a course, descriptions of the content of a course, any required texts and any meeting times or exams that are outside of the regularly scheduled meeting times.The SGA is still in the process of finalizing the resolution, but it is expected to be ready for vote in the coming weeks.