SGA Update

The 12th meeting of the SGA began with a presentation by the Free to Be organization.

The organization’s focus is on getting equality for a person’s sexual preference. The group was then voted on and officially recognized.

Next was a resolution for the recognition of the first official professor of the month. The nominee was Matthew Moore of the College of Arts and Sciences, he teaches Political Science 41 and 141.

He was voted on and officially approved as the first professor of the month.

During the public forum, a representative from Career Services came and discussed different things that they offer.

Their goal is for every student to have the kind of challenges and goals they want.

Services they offer include helping students build a resume as well as find internships. The representative explained that they have a large network of UVM alumni who are always looking for potential employers from the university.

A resolution introduced by Senator Schmidt was discussed. Its purpose was to see if the SGA supported a resolution about housing prices and financial aid.

It stated that with the new housing structure, students would be able to pay more to live in the newer residence halls.

However, the SGA wants to encourage the financial aid office to support students that cannot afford the extra money, by allowing them the chance to live in the newer residence halls. It was voted on and approved.

At the closing of the meeting there was mention about how President Fogel will be attending the next SGA meeting and to have questions ready for him.

There was also an announcement about t-shirts for sale from the SGA with the quote “We’re Kind of a Big Deal.” These can be bought for $10 a piece from the SGA.