SGA UPDATE: Your University, Your Student Government

This week, Senate passed a resolution in support of UVM signing Project Labor Agreements for its future construction projects. This was passed by just 2 votes, with much of Senate abstaining, being one of the slimmest margins possible. The reason for such a small margin was the many questions surrounding the Project Labor Agreements (PLAs). The idea is that a PLA is a legal document signed before construction projects that ensures a livable wage, guards against strikes or lockouts, provides adequate health benefits, and even provides an apprenticeship aspect to constructionprojects. PLAs are overseen by a single organization to guarantee that the companies that sign them follow them. There are a few questions Senate had about PLAs that went unanswered, such as whether or not a PLA would assure local labor was hired, as well as whether or not signing a PLA would increase the cost of a construction project by any amount. Also, Senate was not presented with any negatives that could occur, which caused some skepticism among SGA members. Never the less, the Senate passing this Resolution, as many people have now heard around campus. Yet, President Jones felt that this resolution was not what the University needed to solve the problem of construction projects and livable wages, so he vetoed it. If anyone has a voice or insight on this issue or any other issues that he wants to be brought up at Senate, we meet at 7 p.m., TUESDAY in Billings. Or, if you cannot make it to that, you can always write to TIX ME OFF on the SGA website. And we in the Senate will fight for your voice.