SGA Vice President resigns

Josh Miller, long-time senator and vice president of the Student Government Association resigned on Tuesday, Oct. 8.Miller said that he was asked by the executive board of the SGA to resign late last week, however, he initially refused to do so.On Tuesday, at an executive session closed to everyone except senators and executives, Miller announced his resignation.SGA president Jay Taylor said that the primary part of Miller’s position was to make sure departments, campus wide initiatives and organizations had student representatives, and that Miller had not done that.When asked what obligations of SGA vice president Miller did not follow, Taylor said, “I think the better question is: what obligations as vice president did Josh follow?”Taylor said that one of Miller’s major accomplishments was planning the SGA retreat, but that was not in his constitutional role.”I did slack on my campus wide appointments,” Miller said.Taylor responded in stating that Miller had only begun such meetings last week. Miller said that he thought one of the problems Taylor had with him was that he “didn’t respond fast enough to his e-mails.””If he was responding at all it wouldn’t have been a problem,” Taylor said. “Because it was so clear that Josh wasn’t responding to e-mails, I would feel uncomfortable sending someone to Josh because I had no faith in the fact that he would respond,” Taylor said.”I think what happened was an unfortunate event that had to happen,” Alex Maya, UVM sophomore and SGA senator said. Miller said that there were signs that this was personal.”Most of this was a personal vendetta against me,” Miller said.In response, Taylor said that he did not have any kind of personal motives against Miller. “I think it is hard for all parties involved,” SGA Senator Jimmy Canden said. “I think that Jay wants to do his job and he wants to do it well. I don’t think it’s personal. I think that he thought it was the only the option,” Mandy Frank, the Speaker of the SGA Senate said.While Frank said that she voted no during the executive when the executive committee was deciding whether or not to have Miller resign. “I’m all for second chances,” Frank said. However, Frank also stated that she does not work directly with Miller, and did not notice the severity of the issue, “I didn’t see it from any particular point of view. It was pretty easy for me to notice that there were issues though.” While Miller said, “Jay Taylor and I were great friends,” Taylor said their relationship was strictly business.Miller said that there was a conspiracy against him.Because Steele Taylor, the SGA Chair who is next in line to become vice president, does not want to assume that role permanently, Miller said that Taylor “wants to make Drew Sander vice president.””He made that promise to him in May,” Miller said.Jay Taylor said that he did not make that promise to Sander.Though Taylor said he has someone in mind to assume to role, he said that he could not yet reveal who that is.On Tuesday, Taylor will nominate someone off the senate floor to assume the role, however there must be a 2/3 senate vote of support, Frank said. “I have a strong suspicion that it might be Drew,” Frank said. Drew Sander was contacted but unavailable for comment.