Shumlin addresses UVM

  Gov. Peter Shumlin visited UVM on Nov. 8 to deliver a speech stating the importance of the University’s affiliation with the state of Vermont.   “Because the futures of UVM and the state of Vermont are inextricably linked, I believe it is both appropriate and timely to take a hard look at the relationship,” Shumlin said.   The state’s limited resources must be invested in strategically focused ways that will have a maximum return on investment, he said.   “Working together, we can devise strategies for spending state dollars that produce better results for UVM, our business community and the state,” Shumlin said.   In an email sent out to the UVM community, President John Bramley responded to the governor’s remarks and said that he is optimistic that this initiative will be successful.   “[Shumlin] emphasized the importance of ensuring that public funds received by UVM be invested wisely,” Bramley said.   Shumlin has appointed a committee to examine the relationship between Vermont and UVM in all aspects, including governance, funding, economic development, access and affordability, he said.   Bramley said to the Faculty Senate that it is important for UVM to become engaged with the business community in Vermont.   “I have met with political, educational and business leaders [in Vermont],” he said. “I’m seeing that businesses are hungry to have more contact with us.”   Some students said they felt that Gov. Shumlin’s address to the University was important because the relationship doesn’t seem to exist right now.    “I don’t think there is a deep connection between the University and the state,” junior Jeremy Ebelt said.  “There may be a connection to Burlington, but there’s not much connection to the greater Vermont community.”   Given that UVM has been a public institution since 1956, it is important to begin discussing the University’s relationship with the state of Vermont, Bramley said.   “I think that this will be a useful dialogue, and frankly, it is a dialogue that is 50 years overdue,” he said.