Shumlin envisions UVM’s next president as an innovator

UVM’s next president may not need multiple degrees to get into office.


Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin gave a speech to the Presidential Search Committee describing what he thought was needed of UVM’s next president.


“This is the time to have bold leadership, not necessary credential leadership,” Shumlin said. “If you can get both, that’s great,”


Shumlin asked the Committee to think broadly about the qualifications of the next president.


“I urge us to be less hung up on credentials, although credentials can be helpful, and to be more willing to think outside the box,” he said. “I would rather have a bright president this time rather than someone with a PhD.”


Shumlin said he wants a president that can strengthen the University’s relationship with Vermont and partner with job creators.


“UVM is the research university for the state of Vermont,” he said.  “UVM’s success or failure will be directly reflected in Vermont’s success or failure. We are one family. We are united.”


The new president should address the salary disparities between the University employees, he said.


“[The next president] needs to be a human being who takes a university where there is a fair amount of dislocation right now,” he said.  “[Dislocation] between those who are working hard at the university that aren’t at the top of the pay scale and those who are at the other end of the pay scale.”


The committee will bring three to four finalists to campus in January, with the hopes of naming a new president by the first quarter of 2012, said Robert Cioffi, chair of the Presidential Search Committee.


“Based on the resumes that the search committee has already received confidentially, we are encouraged by the quality and caliber of the individuals who have expressed interest,” Cioffi said.