Silence Fogel

Full name: Anna JohnsonAffiliation: class 2004(please print anonymously)In response to the article “Fogel, You Want My Lunch Money Too?” I would like to agree with the authors and the stance they took in defending the tradition of the commencement ceremony. As a graduating senior, I feel strongly about the quote “we feel that if this commencement is truly intended to honor and reflect the hard work of our class, the senior class should not only have A say, but THE say in who speaks at our graduation.” With that said, I would like to invite members of the senior class (and others if they like) to express their concern by signing a petition in favor of adding a different keynote speaker. While I certainly respect President Fogel’s intentions, I feel that he should speak in addition to a speaker chosen by the senior class. If you feel the same way, please email [email protected] with your thoughts and support for a petition.