Slash and Burn

To the Editor: I am writing in response to the tire-slashing incident that occurred in a Redstone parking lot the Thursday before Halloween. Firstly, I don’t know if anything is as lame as kids slashing other kids’ tires. But besides that fact, I think this incident exemplifies the out-of-whack priorities of our campus security. If the university has decided to spend money on an increase in security, it would be nice to feel like it was working to help protect the students. Instead the security is present just to bust kids for drinking in the dorms or for walking boisterously up College Street. A good start to improving security measures might be to light the parking lot behind Wing/Davis/Wilks at least enough so that you can see more than three feet in front of you when you’re looking for your car. But my mission here is not to call out the need for more security; it is clear that we have more than enough police officers, ID checks, etc. I would just hope that if we are going to pay for an increase in officers and such, they might focus more on the shady kid in the shady parking lot about to slash out 60 tires rather than some kid sneaking some beer into the dorms.