Smoke bomb sparks disturbance in Simpson

Students at Simpson Hall may have grumpily braved the cold for what seemed like a routine fire drill that is, until they saw smoke. A smoke bomb was set off at 10 p.m. on Feb. 4 on the third floor of Simpson Hall, according to the UVM police crime log. The smoke bomb set off alarms, causing the entire building to evacuate and the UVM police were notified of the situation, the crime log stated. The smoke bomb was thrown down the third floor hallway, hitting sophomore Ally Gagnon’s door, Gagnon said. “The radiator in the hallway and walls were burned by the smoke bomb,” she said. The fire marshal classified the incident as arson, the crime log stated. Although the culprit is unknown, Simpson resident advisor Maddie White said she thinks that students should be more aware, for the safety of themselves and other residents. “My focus since has been encouraging my residents to be safe, respectful and vigilant, both on our floor and in any other residential hall,” White said.