Sometimes,”He’s Just Not that Into You” (sorry)

Respect the (3D) Guide Book to Love. “He’s Just Not that Into You” reveals the wide range of relationships between men and women, the mistakes that so many people make, and the necessary: not everyone lives happily ever after.A fabulous cast, including Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Long, portray a group of men and women, some of whom are close friends or are connected more distantly, on a quest to find, understand and keep love. Relatable to a majority of women’s lives, the film touches upon the natural foolishness of a romance and the dedication of true love. While it might seem to be only a “chick flick,” this film is really honest with its relationships. Some of them work out in the classically perfect way – there is an emphasis that these successes “are the exception, not the rule” as stated by Alex (Justin Long), the witty love doctor to Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin).There will be tears; three relationships go sour. But the ending note is high, revealing that true happiness cannot be found sticking with the status quo sometimes. Men may be tempted to avoid the flocks of women at the theater. Resist the fear of trampling, and make it through the door, because the film will give a poignant glimpse into romance and women’s psyche.A film full of advice and female bonding, assisted by a passionate yet uplifting soundtrack, “He’s Just Not that Into You” is a definite re-watch for those women looking for companionship in their struggles through love and for those men looking to understand women just a bit better.On Love: 5 starsActing: 3.5 stars