Sorry Wrong Number

So UVM has switched over to personal student phone numbers, the so called 542 exchange. If explained correctly the response most people have is, “That’s cool. Wish they did that when I was a freshman.” The problem is, in the grand tradition of this fine University, they took a good idea in theory and mangled it as only UVM can. Now many of you will blame Telcom, the people who bring us phones, cable TV and the internet. This is unfortunate as it is not their fault. I know quite a few people in UVM ResLife and have got the inside scoop. It is ResLife that has ruined it all. From the bastion of inefficiency, Robinson Hall, a few key morons have wreaked havoc on the housing process. Their inability to correctly enter data, follow directions, respond to email and voicemail or work a full week has left us all hurting. Meanwhile Telcom staff are working day and night to fix the errors made by the idiots in ResLife. So when your phone calls are ringing in the room next door, your bill looks like an Enron financial statement and other such unpleasantries occur, bring your complaints to Robinson Hall. I’m sure they will be very helpful. If they are working that day.Hal JordanClass of 2005