Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece

This past year, we at the Cynic realize that we have made many people feel very strongly about us. Now, the root of that strength of opinion varies. One original sentiment that some people hold is supreme pleasure. These people are happy that they and theirs are being so well represented by our weekly rag. They see the differences among the perceptions we always publish, and they appreciate such multi-lateral portrayal of the UVM body. These folks, the contented, are psyched to be kept abreast of campus issues and events by the Vermont Cynic. They love the fact that information is a free and readily available arm’s length away. As such, these people feel very strongly affected toward the Cynic. Their strongest feelings towards the Cynic are those of love stories. However, we are not unaware of the other side. Yes, there are many people who are completely turned off by the Cynic. These people run the gamut of affiliations and characters and overall reasons for being offended. Some are members of the SGA who have become disgusted with the lack of unity between our two organizations. Some are individuals who have very specific and personal reasons for their disenchantment with the Cynic. Yet another group of people who think that the school’s paper has seen better days is the collective body of those who know journalism. These folks have a vast knowledge and great appreciation for journalism and do not label our publication to be the definition thereof. Overall, the malcontents of the Vermont Cynic readership are disappointed with what they have seen this year. They are strongly opposed to what we have been printing (or not printing, as the case may be). But the one thing that all of these people have in common is that most of them have not actually themselves contributed to the paper. They have not shown up to a. preserve what they like, b. to intensify and expand what they would like to be reading in the paper or c. to step forward to completely overhaul the content they dislike and to replace it with what they do wish to see. Fortunately, soon come next year. Soon come another chance to effect change or to continue the cycle of perceived goodness. And frankly, we hope to see just that: additional input. We do not choose to have a monopoly over what does and what does not go in the paper. When people neither show up nor submit, we are given no alternative but to print whatever we get by whomever materializes his/her thoughts and gathered facts. Next year, though, is a fresh opportunity for people actively to participate in their Cynic-to present their voices-to create a paper in their own name.